5 former Packers next in line for a Hall of Fame induction

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Wide Receiver Sterling Sharpe

Unlike the first three entries on this list, Sterling Sharpe has been eligible for a Hall of Fame bust for over two decades.

One of the most dominant wideouts of his era, Sharpe was made the No. 7 overall selection in 1988 by the Packers. What followed was a seven-year run of greatness.

Sharpe was a three-time First-Team All-Pro selection, led the league in receptions three times, stood atop the NFL in receiving touchdowns twice and amassed the most receiving yards in 1992.

He especially began thriving during his final three seasons, catching 112 passes in 1993 and totaling 18 touchdowns in 1994 while Favre was under center.

Unfortunately, 1994 was the last season of Sharpe's career. A significant neck injury forced him to retire at the peak of his powers.

This early exit is the primary reason he hasn't yet received an invite to enter Canton, however this feels like a mistake. Sharpe was a starter his entire career, and a highly impactful one for almost as long.

His brother Shannon Sharpe famously advocated for Sterling's inclusion during his Hall of Fame speech. The tight end said, "I am the only person in the Hall of Fame that can say I was the second best player in my own family."

This touching moment occurred back in 2011. Twelve years later, the Green Bay legend has yet to receive the honor. At this point, Sharpe will have to be inducted as a senior candidate.

While it's unfortunate it'll have taken so long, the wait will surely be worth it, if and when he finally gets in.