7 Packers defensive coordinator candidates ranked from worst to best (Updated)

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3. Bobby Babich

UPDATE: NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports the Bills are promoting Babich to be their next defensive coordinator. He is no longer available for the Packers.

Another young coach who will soon become an NFL defensive coordinator is Buffalo Bills linebackers coach Bobby Babich. The Packers are one of several teams to have reportedly requested an interview with Babich this offseason.

Babich is quickly rising through the ranks in Buffalo. The 40-year-old began coaching in 2006. He has spent time with the Carolina Panthers and Cleveland Browns, and his role has increased across seven seasons with the Bills. He began as Buffalo's assistant defensive backs coach and has since earned two promotions.

It's clear Babich is loved in Buffalo. Former Bills Pro Bowl center Eric Wood had incredibly high praise for him earlier this week.

"Whether it's as DC calling plays or just the title, I would 100% approve and want Bobby Babich to earn that title," said Wood. "Bobby is one of the smartest coaches I've been around. Incredible energy and one of the best developers of talent I've witnessed."

Wood is spot on. Babich has enjoyed success developing players in Buffalo, both during his time as the safeties coach and, most recently, with the linebackers. It's hard not to come away impressed when listening to Babich speak about his coaching philosophy, which includes the need to focus on what a player puts on tape rather than how you think they should play based on their size.

Like some of the other names on this list, Babich lacks NFL defensive coordinator experience, but he has the talent to quickly succeed in that role.