7 burning questions for Packers entering 2023 NFL Draft

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Is the Mason Crosby era over?

One significant change we could see this offseason is at kicker. Mason Crosby has played in every Packers game since he was drafted in 2007. But as we enter the draft, Crosby remains a free agent.

That doesn't rule out a return to Green Bay, but the fact he is yet to be re-signed is notable. Have the Packers moved on, or are they in wait-and-see mode depending on how the draft falls?

If Crosby isn't back with the Packers this season, Green Bay has two options. One is to go with experience by signing a free-agent kicker. The other is to add a rookie, either via the draft or by signing an undrafted free agent.

If the Packers draft a kicker, such as Michigan's Jake Moody, it will be a clear sign they have moved on from Crosby. If they sign an undrafted free agent, it could mean Crosby won't be back, but it won't be a guarantee.

But we could get an answer on the third day of the draft. If the Packers draft a kicker between the fifth and seventh rounds, it will be a sign the Packers have moved on from their legendary kicker and the franchise's all-time points scorer.

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