Where does Aaron Jones rank among the Packers all-time greatest running backs?

Green Bay Packers, Aaron Jones
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Green Bay Packers fans were dealt a tough blow this free agency with the departure of Aaron Jones. Since being drafted in the fifth round in 2017, Jones has been a reliable leader in the Packers' backfield and in the locker room, establishing himself as a true fan favorite and one of the most dynamic running backs in the league.

But now that his time in the green and gold is over, where does he rank amongst the team's all-time great running backs?

Jim Taylor and Paul Hornung are the two historical greats of the Packers' backfield. Both players were part of Vince Lombardi's dynasty and were recipients of an MVP trophy. They are also the only two Packers backs in the Super Bowl era to be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

For many years, Taylor was the undisputed best running back in franchise history. His 81 rushing touchdowns are still a franchise record and 27 more than any other player. For decades, he was also the team's leading rusher, with a massive 8,207 career rushing yards.

That was, of course, until Ahman Green shattered his record. Green now sits proudly at the summit as the Packers' all-time leader in rushing attempts (1,851) and rushing yards (8,322). He was a four-time Pro Bowl member and was inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame in 2014.

Aaron Jones belongs on Packers running back Mount Rushmore

So, where does Jones rank amongst these titans of Green Bay history? It's fair to say he has certainly earned a place in the conversation for the team's greatest back. Jones boasts the third-most rushing yards (5,940) in franchise history, trailing only Green and Taylor. His 45 rushing touchdowns rank fourth in team history, and he is the only Packer with 500+ attempts to average over 5.0 yards per carry.

It is incredibly impressive that he has managed to achieve this in an era that is markedly more pass-happy than those of Green, Taylor, and Hornung. Despite playing a similar number of games to Green and Taylor, Jones' 12.1 carries per game pales in comparison to their respective 17.8 and 15.2.

Jones has also earned a reputation as a talented receiver. He leads Packers running backs with 18 career receiving touchdowns and ranks fifth at the position with 2,076 receiving yards.

While Jones may never have earned big accolades (he has a single Pro Bowl appearance and no All-Pros), he has quietly cemented his place in NFL history. His career average of 5.0 yards per carry ranks sixth amongst all running backs.

Furthermore, Jones is one of only three players in NFL history to eclipse 5,000 rushing yards, 60 rushing touchdowns, and a 5.0 yards-per-carry average in his first six seasons. The other two players who achieved that feat were the legendary Jim Brown and Adrian Peterson.

So, where does Jones ultimately land amongst Green Bay's greatest backs? Comparing across eras is always an imperfect science, but it is undeniable that Jones has earned his reputation as one of the greatest Packers running backs of all time.

If we are building a Mount Rushmore of great Green Bay running backs, Jones deserves to be on it. While you are at it, you can lock him in as a future member of the Packers Hall of Fame. Not bad for a former fifth-round pick.

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