Why Aaron Rodgers playing on Black Friday is significant for Packers

New York Jets Introduce Quarterback Aaron Rodgers
New York Jets Introduce Quarterback Aaron Rodgers / Elsa/GettyImages

Why Aaron Rodgers playing in the NFL's first Black Friday game could be significant for the Packers.

The NFL announced that Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets will host the Miami Dolphins in the first Black Friday game.

Thanksgiving football just got a little bigger. Along with the annual games being held on Thanksgiving Day, there will now be a Black Friday game followed by the rest of the week's matchups on Sunday and Monday.

Initially, it might not seem like a big deal for the Green Bay Packers, outside of Aaron Rodgers' involvement. However, it potentially could matter for the Packers.

Quite a lot, in fact.

NFL schedule 2023:Aaron Rodgers playing in Black Friday game could be significant for Packers

A future draft pick from the Jets is tied to Aaron Rodgers' snap counts in 2023. The Packers will, at worst, receive the Jets' 2024 second-round selection. It will improve to a first should Rodgers play at least 65% of the snaps for New York this season.

That's where the Black Friday game could come in.

If we assume the Jets have their bye week at some point before this game, which is in Week 12, the Black Friday matchup would be New York's 11th of the season.

Eleven games in, the Jets will have completed approximately 65% of their season.

While we won't know the Jets' full number of snaps until the end of the regular season, if Rodgers plays in the first 11 games, there's a good chance he will cross the 65% mark, thus sending the Jets' first-round pick to the Packers.

That's not a bad Black Friday deal for the Packers.

While we get to sit back and enjoy Aaron Rodgers playing football against the Miami Dolphins, the Packers could also see a second-round pick become a first.

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