Aaron Rodgers escapes showdown with Packers after Week 18

Green Bay Packers
Green Bay Packers / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages

The Aaron Rodgers Revenge Tour won't stop at Lambeau Field. Entering Week 18, there was a possibility that Rodgers' Jets would land a road matchup against the Green Bay Packers in 2024, but it didn't work out.

Green Bay will host the second-placed team in the AFC East next season. The Jets finished third. For a Packers-Rodgers matchup to happen, Green Bay needed to lose in Week 18 and drop to third in the NFC North.

Instead, the Packers will host the Miami Dolphins, who lost to the Buffalo Bills this week, finishing second in the AFC East.

Packers matchup vs. Aaron Rodgers will have to wait until 2026

We may never see Aaron Rodgers play against his former team. Barring a Super Bowl meeting between the two teams, the Packers and Jets won't play against each other until 2026. That game will be played at MetLife Stadium.

A Rodgers reunion at Lambeau Field would've been fun. But there's a strong possibility it will never happen. Rodgers would have to play well into his 40s, like Tom Brady, to have any chance of playing against the Packers at Lambeau. Well, unless he pulls a Brett Favre and signs for the Minnesota Vikings.

While a matchup against Rodgers would've been fascinating, the Packers will be far happier with the outcome of Week 18. Victory over the Bears clinched the NFC's final playoff seed for Green Bay.

It sets up another reunion, this one between Green Bay and former head coach Mike McCarthy. The Packers will visit McCarthy's Dallas Cowboys in next week's wild-card round, a must-see matchup.

Which teams are on the Packers 2024 schedule?

Following the Bills' win over the Dolphins on Sunday Night Football, we now know Green Bay's complete list of 2024 opponents. Here's the lineup:

  • HOME: Bears, Lions, Vikings, Cardinals, 49ers, Texans, Colts, Saints, Dolphins
  • ROAD: Bears, Lions, Vikings, Jaguars, Rams, Titans, Seahawks, Eagles

There are already some fascinating matchups to come in 2024, including a home battle against the San Francisco 49ers and a road game against the Seattle Seahawks. The NFC North will be a fascinating division to watch.

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