Aaron Rodgers has fans dreaming of return after throwing passes in warmups

Green Bay Packers
Green Bay Packers / Mike Stobe/GettyImages

Thirty-four days. That's how long ago Aaron Rodgers tore his Achilles in the New York Jets' season opener against the Buffalo Bills.

Rodgers is already throwing passes in Jets warmups. It's Week 6.

Green Bay Packers fans have seen Rodgers' toughness over the years. He has played hurt, including returning from a significant knee injury to lead the Packers to victory from a 20-0 deficit against the Chicago Bears. Rodgers hopped around on one leg due to a calf injury during the Packers' 2014 playoff run.

But you can't play through a torn Achilles. It's a season-ending injury that requires a long rehab process.

Yet here is Rodgers, less than five weeks from Achilles surgery, walking around without crutches and throwing passes like he's warming up to play. Absolutely incredible.

Understandably, it has given Jets fans hope for a potential return this season. Some Packers fans may even dream of him playing 65 percent of the snaps and landing Green Bay a first-round pick. Unfortunately, that's not happening.

Could Rodgers actually return this season? The answer is still likely no.

When can Aaron Rodgers return?

Aaron Rodgers' injury is expected to end his season. Nothing has changed on that.

While the video is incredible -- Rodgers is making great progress -- it likely doesn't change anything about the possibility of a return this season.

It hasn't stopped fans predicting a return sooner. ESPN's Mike Greenberg believes Rodgers could return by Week 13 if the Jets remain in contention.

However, if he does return, it likely won't be until the playoffs. The Jets have to get there first. It's almost certain that Rodgers won't play again this season. Playoffs are a long shot, and anything before would require a miracle.

Technically, the Jets can activate Rodgers whenever they wish. They placed him on injured reserve before Week 2, and he has missed the required four games. But we have likely seen the last of Rodgers for the 2023 season.

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