Does Aaron Rodgers play against the Packers in 2023?

New York Jets v Green Bay Packers
New York Jets v Green Bay Packers / John Fisher/GettyImages

The Green Bay Packers enter a new season without Aaron Rodgers or Brett Favre as their starting quarterback for the first time in over three decades.

Just like when Favre was traded to the New York Jets in 2008, the Packers are moving to a quarterback they drafted in the first round and developed for three seasons. Then, it was Rodgers waiting for his opportunity. Now, it's Jordan Love replacing Rodgers.

Things became awkward when Favre joined the Minnesota Vikings and played against the Packers twice a season.

Favre returned to Lambeau Field with the Vikings, winning the first game but losing to Rodgers' Packers on his final visit.

While we shouldn't anticipate Rodgers lining up for the Vikings anytime soon, could we see the four-time MVP play against the Packers with the Jets?

NFL 2023 schedule: Will the Packers play against Aaron Rodgers?

Unless the two teams meet in the Super Bowl, the Packers won't play against Aaron Rodgers this season. However, if a couple of conditions are met, the matchup could happen at Lambeau Field in 2024.

The first is obvious: Rodgers needs to keep playing in 2024.

The Packers will host one AFC East team in the 2024 season at Lambeau Field. If Green Bay and New York finish in the same position in their respective divisions this season, they will meet in 2024.

And that's an entirely possible scenario. The Packers could finish anywhere in the wide-open NFC North, while the Jets aren't a lock to win the AFC East. Both teams could easily end up finishing in the same position of their respective divisions.

If that happens, Aaron Rodgers would be headed to Lambeau Field in 2024.

NFL schedule 2023 release: Which opponents do the Packers face this season?

OK, so we know the Packers won't play against Aaron Rodgers this year, but who are they scheduled to face? Here are their 2023 opponents:



Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears

Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions

Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings

Kansas City Chiefs

Atlanta Falcons

Los Angeles Chargers

Carolina Panthers

Los Angeles Rams

Denver Broncos

New Orleans Saints

Las Vegas Raiders

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

New York Giants

Pittsburgh Steelers

There is no Aaron Rodgers on this year's schedule, but the Packers have a matchup with another legendary former player, Davante Adams. Green Bay visits the Las Vegas Raiders this season.

There will also be a battle of the 2020 quarterback draft class when Jordan Love takes on Justin Herbert and the Los Angeles Chargers at Lambeau Field.

Aaron Rodgers Jets: Which former Packers are also headed to New York?

If you turn on a Jets game this season, you may have to double-take for a moment. Outside of their ugly uniforms, it may feel like you're watching a Packers game.

Aaron Rodgers isn't the only former Packers player to move to New York this offseason.

Wide receivers Allen Lazard and Randall Cobb, offensive lineman Billy Turner, quarterback Tim Boyle, and offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett have all signed with the Jets this year.

The New York Packers aren't on Green Bay's schedule this season, but keep a close eye on 2024.