Aaron Rodgers rumors: 3 moves Packers can make if trade isn't done before draft

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Packers could do nothing and wait until 2024 if Aaron Rodgers trade isn't done before the draft

If the other two options fail, the Packers could do nothing. Sure, this is the worst-case scenario, but it's also doable.

If a trade to the Jets can't be agreed, Rodgers may decide to retire. If not, the Packers would have to take on his 2023 salary, but it wouldn't be a disastrous scenario for Green Bay.

In this scenario, Green Bay would have to eat Rodgers' $31.62 million cap hit this year. The positive is that this number is lower than if he gets traded. The Packers could then move on from Rodgers next offseason.

According to Over The Cap, Green Bay would pay $24.48 million in dead cap by releasing Rodgers before June 1 next year. If after June 1, they would pay $8.16 million in dead cap next year and $16.32 million in 2025. Both are manageable cap hits.

Nobody would agree this is a good scenario for the Packers or Jets. The ideal conclusion will see Aaron Rodgers get traded to New York before the draft for fair compensation that both sides are happy with.

But if the Jets aren't willing to pay up, the Packers don't have to move him. It would make life more difficult, but they can manage it financially.

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