Adam Schefter urges Packers to get Jordan Love extension done with concerning update

Will this deal get done before training camp?
Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love
Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

Time is ticking for the Green Bay Packers. While they have until next offseason to extend Jordan Love's contract, their target date of the start of training camp is nearing.

Beyond that, they have to consider the quarterback market. Jared Goff and Trevor Lawrence have signed massive extensions this spring, pushing up the salary of future contracts. Love will almost certainly land a deal worth well over $50 million per year, which was hardly guaranteed at the beginning of the offseason.

Dak Prescott could reset the quarterback market when the Dallas Cowboys decide to actually pay him. Considering some of the questionable decisions they've made this offseason, perhaps the Cowboys won't get it right. But they should. When Prescott eventually gets a new contract, it could go well above the league-high $55 million salary.

And that's where it becomes challenging for the Packers.

Adam Schefter believes Packers need to get Jordan Love deal done before Dak Prescott's

NFL insider Adam Schefter provided some insight into the Packers' contract negotiations with Love. Speaking on ESPN's NFL Live, Schefter revealed that the Packers and Love "don't appear to be close right now." That's a little concerning only four weeks away from training camp.

He also explained why the Packers must get a deal done before Prescott signs an extension with the Cowboys.

"What I would be concerned about if I were Green Bay is waiting long enough that eventually a Dak Prescott deal gets done," said Schefter. "Who did Jordan Love beat in the postseason? Dak Prescott. Who's going to reset the quarterback market at some point in the next year? Dak Prescott."

"If the Packers want to wait, I don't know that's a game they're going to win unless Jordan Love seriously regresses, which I don't think anybody on this panel expects this upcoming season."

It's a fair point. What if Prescott signs a deal worth $60 million per year? Love could point to his numbers last season—including the win over the Cowboys in the playoffs—as a reason why he deserves the same salary.

Schefter said there are two realistic windows for Love's deal to get done, either before the start of training camp or before the start of the season.

Green Bay should aim for the former. Getting a deal done now would end any uncertainty and prevent distractions during training camp. Love only has a year remaining on his contract. His focus needs to be on preparing for the new season without having to worry about the status of an extension.

With Prescott's extension coming soon, it's in the Packers' best interest to get this over the line before then.

There's still time, but with Schefter reporting that they "don't appear to be close," it sounds possible the Packers will begin training camp without a new deal being signed, the exact scenario Brian Gutekunst wanted to avoid.

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