Adam Thielen can't hide his hatred for Packers with bitter postgame comment

Green Bay Packers
Green Bay Packers / Grant Halverson/GettyImages

Adam Thielen is used to losing games to the Green Bay Packers. He often watched Aaron Rodgers lead the Packers to victory during his nine seasons with the Minnesota Vikings.

Now playing for the Carolina Panthers, he suffered another defeat to the Packers, this time to Jordan Love.

Thielen had a good game, as he often does against Green Bay, catching six passes for 94 yards. But it wasn't enough. Love led the Packers on a game-winning field goal, and the Panthers ran out of time on their final possession.

But Thielen couldn't help but take a shot at the Packers after the game.

Former Vikings receiver Adam Thielen makes bitter comment about Packers

It's easy to tell Thielen spent almost a decade with the Vikings. He couldn't hide his bitterness toward the Packers after the game. Thielen was unhappy with the Panthers' unsuccessful challenge on a Romeo Doubs catch.

"Full speed, that's a no catch, so kind of what you get when you play the Packers," said Thielen. "Usually they get the benefit of the doubt on some calls."

Thielen is referring to a 36-yarder on third down on the Packers' game-winning drive that put Green Bay in field-goal range. Carolina challenged the ruling of a completed catch. Had the challenge been successful, Green Bay would've punted.

Doubs made the catch as he fell to the ground, maintained possession, rolled out of bounds, and then the ball came out. By that point, the play was over. Doubs had already made the catch, and that's how the officials saw it after review.

Thielen's comment just sounds bitter.

That isn't "what you get when you play the Packers." Quite the opposite, actually. According to, the Packers have 100 penalties this season, the seventh-most in the NFL.

If Thielen had made a catch like Doubs', would he have wanted it to be ruled incomplete?

When the Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 13, Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce had every right to be frustrated about the pass-interference penalty that didn't get called. But they refused to blame the officials for their defeat.

Thielen is calling out the officials on a decision they got right. Maybe that mentality is why the Chiefs are the defending Super Bowl champions, and Thielen plays for a two-win team.

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