AI made Ted Lasso the Packers head coach and the results were hilarious

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Matt LaFleur has enjoyed tremendous success with the Green Bay Packers in his first four seasons as head coach, but what if it were time for a change?

Imagine Mark Murphy and Brian Gutekunst held a meeting and decided that LaFleur wasn't the right choice to lead the way at the start of the Jordan Love era. Instead, they need Ted Lasso.

Lasso is best known for managing fictional English Premier League club AFC Richmond, despite knowing very little about soccer. But he had previously coached a college football team in his home state of Kansas.

So, Lasso does have football coaching experience, but it's a big jump to go from NCAA Division II to the Premier League to the Green Bay Packers. But if anyone can make it work, it's Ted Lasso.

"Coach, I got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."

Lasso's Legacy: ChatGPT creates Ted Lasso spinoff as Packers head coach

To make this possible, we got some help from AI. ChatGPT has created a spinoff for Ted Lasso, in which Lasso becomes the Packers' new head coach. It came up with the perfect title for the show: Lasso's Legacy: The Green Bay Way.

It created an entire eight-episode season. Every title and episode summary was created by AI, and the results were absolutely hilarious.

Let's start with the season one synopsis, according to ChatGPT:

ChatGPT: "In this spinoff series of Ted Lasso, we follow the charismatic football coach, Ted Lasso, as he embarks on a new adventure, leaving his beloved AFC Richmond behind to join the Green Bay Packers as their new head coach. Ted's arrival brings a fresh perspective to the team and the community, as he aims to instill his unique coaching philosophy and positive outlook on life in the storied franchise."

Well, we're completely hooked. Let's dive into each episode.