AI made Ted Lasso the Packers head coach and the results were hilarious

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Episode 3: "The Green Bay Way"

"Ted introduces the team to the "Green Bay Way," emphasizing community engagement and giving back. The players participate in charitable activities, connecting with the fans in a meaningful way. The Packers' involvement in the local community not only strengthens team spirit but also earns the support and admiration of the fans, as they see Ted's positive impact extend beyond the football field."

"The Lasso Way" became popular during his time with AFC Richmond. Lasso always focused on belief. It would seem he has brought an updated version called the "Green Bay Way." As ChatGPT highlights in the episode summary, a top priority is building a strong connection between the players and fans.

This shouldn't be a big problem for Lasso. Packers players already have an incredible connection with the fans and community in Green Bay, so his philosophy should fit in well. It may even help him win over the fans quicker than he did during his time in England.

Ultimately, Lasso will be judged on the Packers' performances. But it sure helps to get the fans on side early, and Lasso's incredibly positive attitude gives him a great chance.

Episode 4: "Facing Adversity"

"The Packers encounter a series of setbacks on the field, testing Ted's ability to maintain his positive outlook. Ted and his coaching staff must navigate through injuries, a losing streak, and doubts from the media. Ted's unwavering belief in the team's potential inspires them to face adversity head-on and find the resilience to overcome their challenges."

And this is the problem they face. Lasso's positivity and belief only lasts so long. In the end, it comes down to winning football games, something Packers fans have gotten used to over the past three decades.

Still, Lasso has been here before. His AFC Richmond team faced plenty of adversity. The first season was tough for Lasso, especially as the fans and media were against him from the start.

But if you could pick one coach to lead a team back from a disastrous start, it's Lasso. You know he'll never give up his belief in the Packers. His confidence would ease the pressure on Jordan Love and give him the belief to turn things around.