AI made Ted Lasso the Packers head coach and the results were hilarious

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Episode 7: "Forging a Legacy"

"As the regular season nears its end, the Packers face a crucial game that will determine their playoff chances. Ted's leadership and the bond he has formed with the players are put to the ultimate test. The game becomes a showcase of the team's growth, determination, and the lasting impact of Ted's coaching philosophy."

And here we go. The "Green Bay Way" appears to be working, after all. To Matt LaFleur's credit, he is also great at lifting his players. They bounced back from a 4-8 record to finish 8-9 last season. Before 2022, his team had never lost back-to-back regular season games.

But Lasso's positivity and belief in his players pays off. If it's a late-season game, it's likely one of the final two against the Minnesota Vikings or Chicago Bears. And, let's be honest here, Lasso didn't guide his team through adversity just to lose to the Vikings or Bears. No chance.

Episode 8: "The Playoffs"

"After a rollercoaster regular season, the Packers secure a playoff spot. The team faces formidable opponents as they navigate the playoffs, with Ted's guidance and unwavering belief propelling them forward. The season's journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of Ted's coaching style and the resilience of the Packers' players."

Credit to Ted Lasso. Not only did he never give up and lead his team through some tough periods, but he took the Packers further than they achieved last season with Aaron Rodgers.

Lasso's philosophy appears to be working. A team doesn't bounce back from a disappointing start and make the playoffs without buying in.

The real question we're all wondering is if the Packers win the Super Bowl with Lasso. As this is completely fictional from ChatGPT, I guess we'll never know. Maybe we'll one day get a second season from AI.

But perhaps not knowing the outcome is poetic. For Lasso, there are more important things than the result of the game. As Lasso beautifully put it: "For me, success is not about the wins and losses. It's about helping these young fellas be the best versions of themselves on and off the field."

To bounce back from a rough start and lead the Packers to the playoffs? Sure sounds like the "Green Bay Way" was a success, if you ask me.

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