AJ Dillon has perfect response to fan criticism on Twitter

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers
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AJ Dillon isn't a Green Bay Packers fan favorite just because of his play on the field, but also because he is an amazing person.

He has fully embraced the Wisconsin lifestyle and goes above and beyond to interact with Packers fans. The 'Mayor of Door County' is full of class, and Packers fans are appreciative of him.

On the field, Dillon is a powerful player who runs over defenders. He has stepped up at crucial times and is a fantastic player to have in the backfield late in games as defenses tire.

More than just his play on the field, Dillon is an even better person away from football.

He received criticism from a Packers fan on Twitter, who believes Dillon doesn't break enough tackles. Dillon, as he always does, handled it with class.

Packers: AJ Dillon gives perfect response to fan criticism on Twitter

How can you not love AJ Dillon?

Instead of taking the opportunity to react negatively to the fan, he took time to put together the perfect response. He even went as far as to say the fan's "point rings true," but then gave the most respectful counter-argument you'll ever see.

Dillon added: "Nothing but love for all of Packers faithful."

What an incredibly classy response from Dillon, who once again shows why we are so lucky to have him on our team. Many players would've simply ignored the criticism or, worse yet, reacted badly. Dillon could easily have said something negative back to the fan, but he instead gave a respectful response.

The Packers' backfield of Aaron Jones and Dillon might win the award for both the best on and off the field. Together, they form an incredible thunder-and-lightning combination that defenses struggle to stop.

Off the field, you won't find many better humans.

Not for the first time this offseason -- or even this week -- Dillon reminds us why we're so lucky he's a Packer.