Alternative angle shows the refs screwed Packers on fourth-down stop vs. 49ers

Green Bay Packers
Green Bay Packers / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

The Green Bay Packers are in a tense battle with the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Divisional Round. It has been a back-and-forth contest. Both teams have moved the ball well but missed opportunities to pull ahead in the game.

Green Bay has moved into San Francisco territory on each possession but only has two field goals to show for it. San Francisco had a field goal blocked to end the half, keeping it a one-point game.

The Packers must improve their red-zone offense to have a chance of upsetting the 49ers, but it doesn't help when the officials miss an easy call.

One decision, in particular, cost the Packers points in the second quarter.

Packers were screwed on failed fourth-down attempt in first half vs. 49ers

Green Bay had a 3-0 lead with the ball in San Francisco territory. Matt LaFleur opted to go for it on a fourth-and-1 from the 49ers' 14-yard line. Jordan Love appeared to gain the yardage on a quarterback sneak, but an awful spot resulted in the Packers coming up short. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough video evidence to overturn the decision on a booth review.

But the play should never have even counted. A sideline angle shows the 49ers clearly lined up offsides on the play. Had the officials spotted it, it would've resulted in an automatic first down for the Packers, setting up first-and-goal.

Green Bay would've had a fresh set of downs deep in San Francisco territory with an opportunity to score a touchdown for a 10-0 lead. Instead, the Niners took possession and scored a touchdown after a 12-play drive.

It was a frustrating decision and a potential turning point in this game. That said, the Packers had two opportunities to gain one yard. They have to do a better job of moving the chains and not forcing the officials to make a decision.

The Packers are still in the game, but they need to improve their efficiency in the red zone in the second half.

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