Chargers take hidden shot at Aaron Rodgers in Packers game announcement

Green Bay Packers v Miami Dolphins
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The Los Angeles Chargers didn't hold back in their schedule release video, and that included taking a shot at former Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Creative schedule release videos have become an annual tradition in the NFL, but no team is on the level of the Chargers, who have put together anime videos two years in a row.

They hilariously trolled the Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Lions in this year's video, but they didn't stop there.

Aaron Rodgers' exit from the Packers has been in the spotlight this offseason, from his darkness retreat to appearances on the Pat McAfee Show. It ended with Rodgers getting traded to the New York Jets.

The Chargers poked fun at every team on their upcoming schedule. When it came to their Week 11 matchup with the Packers, it involved taking a shot at Rodgers.

NFL schedule 2023: Chargers take shot at Aaron Rodgers in Packers game announcement

What makes this video so great is you can watch it a couple of times and still miss some of the background details. Once you spot them, it gets even funnier.

Below is the Chargers' anime video announcing their schedule. At first glance, it's easy to miss some of the finer details.

First off, what an incredible schedule release video by the Chargers. They go above and beyond every year to make their announcement memorable, and they've done it again.

But it's the hidden details that make it so special. They didn't hold back when it came to mocking Aaron Rodgers.

It begins in what can only be described as a darkness retreat. A flickering lighter creates just enough light to reveal some of the hidden details on the wall in the background.

What immediately stands out is the to-do list, which includes:

  • Another McAfee intv
  • Tweet vaguely
  • Do my own research
  • Schedule Ayahuasca appt.

Next to that is a wish list, in reference to a report from ESPN's Dianna Russini in March that Rodgers had given the Jets a list of free agents he wanted them to sign. In the video, the wish list includes 'Lazard' and 'Cobb', but 'OBJ' is crossed out.

Odell Beckham Jr. snubbed the Jets to sign with the Baltimore Ravens last month.

Above the to-do list is the famous Brett Favre quote from after the Packers drafted Rodgers: "My contract doesn't say I have to get Aaron Rodgers ready to play."

There is a San Francisco 49ers logo behind Rodgers, which looks like a kids drawing. Presumably, this is referring to Rodgers' childhood fandom of the Niners.

In the bottom-right corner is a drawing of Rodgers, Favre, and Jordan Love. All three have arrows pointing to a Packers logo. Rodgers and Favre also point to a Jets logo.

Well done to the Chargers. This is gold.

The Packers got off relatively unscathed, but the Chargers didn't hold back on their trolling of Aaron Rodgers.

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