Could Caleb Williams pull an Eli Manning and help the Packers out?

Green Bay Packers
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The Green Bay Packers aim to take control of the NFC North after Jordan Love's breakout season, but they could face competition from two new quarterbacks in the division.

The Chicago Bears hold the No. 1 overall pick in the draft, which they could use to select USC star Caleb Williams. The Minnesota Vikings also face uncertainty at quarterback, with Kirk Cousins hitting free agency.

One possibility for the Bears is to select Williams with the top pick and trade current starter Justin Fields. They could then use their other top-10 pick to land one of the best wide receivers in the class, like LSU's Malik Nabers.

However, is it a guarantee Williams will end up in Chicago?

Could Packers avoid playing in the same division as Caleb Williams?

The Bears have control of who goes first overall. They can select Williams to be their next quarterback, should they wish. However, ESPN's Dan Graziano provided some fascinating insight that could throw a wrench into the Bears' plans.

"He's the quarterback the Bears would likely draft to replace Fields if they do move on. But some are wondering whether Williams will use his unique financial leverage to help determine which team selects him. Will he be Chicago's QB of the future? What about the Commanders, who just hired former USC assistant Kliff Kingsbury as their new offensive coordinator? Would he even consider sitting out -- or at least threatening to sit out -- a year to get what he wanted?"

ESPN's Dan Graziano

That would be fascinating. Could Williams pull an Eli Manning? Manning was famously drafted by the San Diego Chargers but refused to play for them, which forced a trade to the New York Giants.

It seems highly unlikely Williams would do this. The Bears are a good landing spot, given their draft capital, cap space, and improving roster.

However, as Graziano points out, what if Williams prefers a move to the Commanders, who pick No. 2 overall? At USC, he played under Washington's new offensive coordinator, Kliff Kingsbury, and Williams is also from Washington.

Even if the Bears opt not to draft Williams, they will still put themselves in a good position. There's no way they just pass on him. Chicago would almost certainly trade the pick away. And if the Commanders are desperate to move up, the Bears could probably land an outstanding deal in the same way they did with last year's top pick.

However, not having to play Williams twice a year would be a win for the Packers. Nothing is guaranteed with players making the jump from college to the NFL, but Williams has superstar potential.

The Packers would much rather meet Williams in a playoff matchup against the Commanders than twice a season in the same division.

No matter what the Bears do at quarterback, it should make for a fascinating draft that directly impacts the Packers.

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