Cryptic post from Packers legend has fans building their hopes up about 2024 schedule

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It sounds like LeRoy Butler is heading to Brazil, but what about the Green Bay Packers?

Earlier this month, the NFL announced the Philadelphia Eagles will play in the first-ever game in São Paulo, Brazil, in Week 1 of the 2024 season. As Philadelphia is giving up one of its home games, its opponent in Brazil can be narrowed down to nine teams.

Among them are the Packers, who are scheduled to face the Eagles on the road next season.

Green Bay recently played in the NFL International Series in a matchup with the New York Giants in London two years ago. But the Packers had to give up one of their home games that season. A trip to Brazil would be one of their road matchups.

Did Butler drop a hint that it will be Packers-Eagles in São Paulo?

LeRoy Butler's cryptic tweet has Packers fans excited about potential Brazil game

Perhaps Butler is planning a summer trip to Brazil. Or, maybe, as a franchise legend and member of the Packers Board of Directors, he decided to drop a hint.

It would be an incredible occasion, especially in a matchup against Philadelphia. Despite the Eagles' struggles late in the season, they should remain one of the NFC's top teams in 2024.

Whether intended or not, Butler's tweet caught the attention of Packers fans. Are they going to kick off the regular season in Brazil? Fans wanted answers.

It wouldn't be the first time Butler had dropped a hint. He announced some of the Packers' draft picks last year, including the Jayden Reed selection. Before revealing the pick, Butler said: "Jordan Love, we've got some help for you."

He made a similar announcement on the Tucker Kraft pick in the following round.

Butler is a franchise legend and one of the newest members of the Board of Directors. He loves the Packers.

So, here's the million-dollar question: What does his tweet mean? Did Butler break some significant Packers schedule news, or is he just asking for advice for an upcoming trip to Brazil? Only time will tell, but his post has got fans excited.

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