De'Vondre Campbell misses Packers practice after saying he won't play through injury

Green Bay Packers
Green Bay Packers / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages

Green Bay Packers inside linebacker De'Vondre Campbell missed practice on Wednesday ahead of the team's Week 16 matchup against the Carolina Panthers.

The timing is interesting, as it comes just one day after Campbell posted a tweet saying he would no longer play through injury.

"Not going out my way anymore and I'm not playing through injuries anymore cause when sh-t goes wrong they always use it against you," wrote Campbell.

It could be coincidental. Campbell has battled through injuries throughout the season, and his absence at practice may be a result of that. However, it's notable, considering the timing. It's something to watch for the remainder of the week.

Packers coach Matt LaFleur responds to De'Vondre Campbell missing practice

As expected, head coach Matt LaFleur was asked about Campbell's status during Wednesday's press conference.

"Dre's a guy I go back a long time with. All the way back to Atlanta. I've always respected the man and how he works, how he approaches the game, quite honestly. He pours his heart and soul into this thing," said LaFleur.

LaFleur said he didn't "directly ask him" about the social media post.

"Honestly, I didn't get into a whole bunch about that," said LaFleur. "We had a great conversation. There's a lot of respect both ways. We just think it's best to try to get his body back because we've seen the type of player he's been."

Campbell is on the Week 16 injury report. It's understandable that he is frustrated. The former All-Pro hasn't missed much time due to injury in his NFL career, but he's sat out of four games this season and battled through injuries in others.

But there will be a lot of focus on Campbell's status for Sunday's game against the Panthers. He made a bold statement on social media by saying he won't be "playing through injuries anymore."

Campbell has previously been listed on the injury report this season due to a neck issue, but this is his first missed practice since Week 12.

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