Dream trade proposal to keep Cooper DeJean dream alive for Packers

Cooper DeJean
Cooper DeJean / Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

It didn't matter who the choice was. The fact that the Green Bay Packers passed on Cooper DeJean in the first round was never going to go down well.

Unfortunately, the Packers are painfully predictable. No matter how much sense drafting DeJean seemed to make, deep down, we all knew it wouldn't happen. That's not to take anything away from Jordan Morgan—he could become an excellent starting offensive lineman for the Packers.

But there's good news. Not only did the Packers pass on DeJean in Round 1, but so did the other 31 teams.

It's unclear why DeJean didn't get picked. Teams may view him as a safety-only prospect, pushing him down boards. However, Packers GM Brian Gutekunst called DeJean "very versatile" and believes he can play "where you may need him."

So, you're saying there's a chance?

How Packers can land Cooper DeJean on Day 2 of 2024 NFL Draft

The Aaron Rodgers trade could help the Packers land DeJean on Day 2. Green Bay doesn't have a long wait to hit the clock again on Friday night. It owns the 41st overall pick, which is the ninth selection of the second round.

While they could let the board fall to them, there's a good chance DeJean will be gone by the time they hit the clock. Another option would be to make a trade.

Here's a proposal that could make sense:

Packers-Bills trade

The Packers have four picks on Day 2, giving them the flexibility to trade up. And a move to No. 33 shouldn't be too expensive. In this proposal, they give up one of their third-rounders but gain a fourth in return, and Green Bay would still keep its other pick in the third round.

It's a price worth paying to land a defensive back with All-Pro potential like DeJean. And it sounds like Gutekunst is open to making a deal.

The DeJean dream is still alive. It's unclear whether the Packers have serious interest in the Iowa product or have other targets in mind, but DeJean checks a lot of boxes. He has the athleticism and versatility they love, plays special teams, and could compete for a starting job immediately.

There are always surprises on the opening night, and DeJean not getting drafted is one of them.

While Packers fans were disappointed not to see their team draft him, there's still a chance. Bryan Bulaga will announce both picks in the second round. By trading up, Gutekunst can make this dream come true...

Bryan Bulaga, Iowa, announcing the selection of Cooper DeJean, Iowa.

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