Everything Davante Adams said about Packers, Jordan Love on Maxx Crosby's podcast

Davante Adams
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Davante Adams spending his entire career with the Green Bay Packers is one of the biggest "what-ifs" fans ponder.

It could've happened. Adams was open to staying in Green Bay a year before his departure. Had the two sides negotiated a long-term extension, Adams would undoubtedly still be playing for the Packers and catching passes from Jordan Love.

A year into the Love era, Adams' decision looks far worse. The Las Vegas Raiders face the quarterback uncertainty he was worried about happening in Green Bay.

His reunion with Derek Carr lasted less than a year, and Adams is now preparing to catch passes from Aidan O'Connell or Gardner Minshew, while Love aims to build off a breakout season and is about to become one of the highest-paid quarterbacks in football.

Adams recently appeared on The Rush With Maxx Crosby, a podcast hosted by his All-Pro Raiders teammate. Adams went into detail about his Packers departure, concerns about Jordan Love before he left, and his reaction to Love's breakout season.

It's a fascinating interview, and it's great to hear Adams' take on how his incredible Green Bay run came to an end.

Everything Davante Adams said about Packers departure and Jordan Love

On whether he regrets leaving Green Bay after Jordan Love's breakout season

"I'm the poster child for you make a decision and you live with it. I'll never regret anything," said Adams. "I don't care if I came here and my career went to sh-t. You've got to make decisions and roll with them."

"I don't regret anything, but what I will say is that, not that I doubted him in any way because I had definitely seen it, I had seen the potential in there. But it was similar to what we saw early in the season," said Adams. "Basing it off of that, and having a young guy that had no experience, for me, it was tough to stay in that position and say, 'This is what's best for me for sure.'"

On Jordan Love's breakout season

"At the time when I was there, I hadn't necessarily seen enough to say this is for sure what I should do. But in hindsight, the kid is a f---ing baller, man, I'm so happy for him," Adams said. "I haven't really had a chance to truly sit down and talk to him, but I want to tell him at some point, 'I definitely don't regret changing, but I'm super proud of what you've done, and if there was a way I could pull you over here and drag you with me, that would've been cool, too.'"

"I don't regret what I did, but at the same time, you look back and you're like, damn, that boy is kind of balling right now," said Adams. "He's starting to come into his own. You can see the way he's talking in front of the media and everything. He's like a whole different person from when I was there, and that comes with experience."

On Packers' insulting offer before his final season in Green Bay

"I basically told them, if y'all can figure this out now going into this last year of my deal, because I had no security. I was basically playing under worse than the tag that year. I was like the 20th-highest-paid receiver in the league," said Adams. "I'm like, look, Aaron has his stuff kind of back and forth every year. I'll ignore all of that if we can do this a year early, knock this out."

"They threw some deal at me that was like, barely made me even want to play for them that year," Adams said. "But I was like, I'm going to be there, I'm going to be in camp. I told them, you're not even going to notice that I'm irritated. I'm going to be the player I'm supposed to be. Obviously, I went and did that."

It's a fascinating interview.

Adams is honest about his Packers departure. He felt disrespected when Green Bay made him an insulting offer before his final season. Pair that with the understandable uncertainty about the quarterback position, and he decided his future was best away from Green Bay with a chance to reunite with Derek Carr.

How different would things have gone had Adams stayed? He would be catching passes from Jordan Love, a potentially dominant combination, but would the Packers have drafted Christian Watson, Romeo Doubs, Jayden Reed, or Dontayvion Wicks?

Had Adams stayed, the Packers likely would look very different. They may have drafted Luke Musgrave, Tucker Kraft, and some of the young receivers on the roster, but there's a good chance they wouldn't have Watson or Doubs, who they drafted a month after trading Adams to the Raiders.

It's interesting to hear Adams talk about how Love has developed. He looked like a completely different player by the end of last season, and Adams hadn't seen Love consistently reach that level during his time in Green Bay.

You can watch the full interview here:

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