5 former Packers struggling badly on different teams in 2023

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Robert Tonyan

Brian Gutekunst also deserves credit for his decision-making at tight end. With the Packers beginning life with an inexperienced quarterback, it must have been tempting to bring back veterans Robert Tonyan and Marcedes Lewis. They knew the offense and would give Jordan Love two veteran tight ends to throw to.

Gutekunst made the bold decision to replace both with rookies Luke Musgrave and Tucker Kraft.

And it has paid off. Musgrave and Kraft have combined for 47 catches, 500 yards, and two touchdowns this season. Meanwhile, Tonyan has barely made an impact for the Bears.

Tonyan was a go-to receiver for Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, but it hasn't worked out so far in Chicago, with Tonyan making only seven catches for 58 yards in 13 games.

Gutekunst took a risk by moving on from the Packers' two veteran tight ends and relying on rookies to fill the void, especially in Love's first season. But he made the right call. Musgrave and Kraft have contributed in year one while showing huge upside for the future.

Gutekunst moved on from Tonyan at the right time. He hasn't made the impact as a receiver the Bears hoped for when they signed him in free agency.

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