Future NFL Draft Locations: 2024, 2025 & Beyond

2022 NFL Draft - Rounds 4-7
2022 NFL Draft - Rounds 4-7 / David Becker/GettyImages

The 2023 NFL Draft takes place this week, and it will be held at Union Station Kansas City.

Having been held in New York City from 1965-2014, the draft is now hosted in a different location each year. The one exception was in 2020, when the draft was held virtually. Imagine if there had been a live crowd when the Green Bay Packers traded up for Jordan Love in the first round.

This year's draft will take place in Kansas City, which is also home to the Super Bowl champions.

Where will the draft take place in future years, and could the home of the Green Bay Packers soon host a draft of their own?

Where will the 2024 NFL Draft be held?

Next year's draft will take place at Campus Martius Park in Detroit, Michigan. The Detroit Lions announced that the draft will be held on April 25-27, 2024.

Green Bay and Washington were the other finalists to host the 2024 NFL Draft, with next year's event eventually being awarded to Detroit.

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Which cities could host the 2025 NFL Draft?

The NFL is yet to make a decision on which city will host the 2025 NFL Draft, although the Packers are hoping to bring the event to Green Bay.

If you're a Packers fan hoping to see the draft in Green Bay, there could be good news.

"It's probably going to be Green Bay," Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports said on a May 22 edition of the You Pod To Win The Game podcast.

What if Green Bay doesn't get the draft in 2025?

Even if Green Bay doesn't land next year's draft, the event could be held there in the coming years.

According to Wed Hodkiewicz of Packers.com, team president Mark Murphy said last summer that he is "confident" Green Bay will host either the 2025 or 2027 NFL Draft. The Packers didn't apply for the 2026 NFL Draft, as they will be hosting a Wisconsin-Notre Dame game.

Following Kansas City and Detroit, Green Bay could get its turn to host the draft.