Grading the Packers offseason: Free agency, staffing, draft & more

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Aaron Rodgers trade

Brian Gutekunst pulled off a fantastic deal for Aaron Rodgers. Negotiations dragged on for weeks, but in the end, it paid off for the Packers.

Here's a review of what Green Bay received from the New York Jets for Aaron Rodgers:

Packers received:

  • First-round pick (No. 13)
  • Second-round pick (No. 42)
  • Sixth-round pick (No. 207)
  • 2024 second-round pick (Becomes a first if Rodgers plays at least 65% of the snaps this season)

Jets received:

  • Aaron Rodgers
  • First-round pick (No. 15)
  • Fifth-round pick (No. 170)

The Packers landed premium draft capital for a 39-year-old quarterback who said he was 90% retired this offseason.

There are a couple of points where Gutekunst hit this out of the park. One is the swap of first-round picks. Green Bay moved ahead of the New England Patriots, which may have made the difference in landing edge rusher Lukas Van Ness.

The Packers only need Rodgers to play 65% of the snaps for the second-round pick to become a first. Rodgers doesn't need to throw for 4,000+ yards or the Jets make the playoffs. He just needs to play a little over half of the snaps.

And the Jets get zero protection if Rodgers retires after 2024. Another win for Green Bay.

Grade: A