5 defensive coordinators Packers need to hire to replace Joe Barry

Joe Barry is more than just on the hot seat after Thursday night's performance

Green Bay Packers, Jim Leonhard
Green Bay Packers, Jim Leonhard / John Fisher/GettyImages
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Thursday night, the Green Bay Packers were completely embarrassed and outclassed at home, and by a division rival, nonetheless.

It was a battle between a pair of 2-1 teams for the division lead, and the Detroit Lions came out swinging, and never let up. Detroit ultimately tossed around the Packers' defense, especially on the ground, where they racked up 43 carries for 211 yards and three touchdowns.

Defensive coordinator Joe Barry is hearing his job called for, now, by Packer fans, and it has us wondering whom the team could replace him with. Fortunately, there are five excellent candidates right now. Let's take a look.

1. Jim Leonhard

This is a name Packer fans will be familiar with. Jim Leonhard is a Wisconsin native and spent from 2016-2022 with the Wisconsin Badgers, serving as the team's defensive backs coach, defensive coordinator and ultimately was an interim coach for a bit.

Back in 2021, Leonhard turned down the Packers' interest in him as their defensive coordinator. He chose to stay in Wisconsin, where his Badgers went on to lead the nation in defense, allowing just over 239 yards per game.

“It’s an organization, obviously being from the state, I know a lot about and have a tremendous amount of respect for the way that organization operates," Leonhard said at the time.

Now a senior football analyst at the University of Illinois, Leonhard could have some interest in returning to coaching defense, especially from an area he is quite familiar with. Would he entertain a second opportunity if he was given one? Packer fans certainly would be happy with that.