5 defensive coordinators Packers need to hire to replace Joe Barry

Joe Barry is more than just on the hot seat after Thursday night's performance
Green Bay Packers, Jim Leonhard
Green Bay Packers, Jim Leonhard / John Fisher/GettyImages
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2. Leslie Frazier

A long-time, respected defensive coach in this league, Leslie Frazier opted to step down from coaching for the 2023 season. He had spent the past six years with the Buffalo Bills, serving as their defensive coordinator and assistant head coach.

When the Bills' defense began to rise underneath the leadership of Frazier, he started to receive head coaching interest once again. His name was up there with some of the top candidates for a little while, before he decided to take a year off.

If he is still interested in coaching, Frazier's experience and leadership would be a huge upgrade for this defense. While LaFleur is the young, hip, offensive mind, you'd have Frazier on the other side who is an old school, tough defensive mind. It would be a perfect pairing.

Before Frazier stepped down, he had led the Bills to finish as the NFL's fourth-best run defense and no. 2 overall scoring defense last season, even after losing a big piece late in the year in Von Miller.

Frazier also knows this division well, having spent several years with the Minnesota Vikings as well.