Are the Green Bay Packers failing their rebuild?

Is the Packers' rebuild already a failure despite just getting underway?
Green Bay Packers Offseason Workout
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The official rebuild era in Green Bay has only just begun and yet there is a belief out there that the Packers have already failed.

A list of teams who are failing their rebuilds appeared on Bleacher Report with the Packers being mentioned as a team who falls into this category.

Author Kristopher Knox mentions Green Bay's commitment level to their rebuild.

Knox wrote:

"This half-commitment to both sides of the process could derail Green Bay's chances of continuing to enjoy quarterback stability after 30 years of having a Hall of Famer under center."

Green Bay's lack of moves to replace departed veterans was also an area that was dinged. Knox added:

"The Packers are starting over at QB with Jordan Love, but they have failed to surround him with proven talent. Green Bay parted with vets Allen Lazard, Tonyan, Randall Cobb and Jarran Reed while doing virtually nothing to replace them in free agency."

Why it's way too early to make judgement on Packers rebuild

While it is true that the Packers did not go out and find replacements for them, that was the idea. The front office believes that they have their top two receiving options for the future in Christian Watson and Romeo Doubs.

Players like Allen Lazard and Randall Cobb were Aaron Rodgers' guys and that was only reinforced by those two joining the former Packers signal caller in New York. There really is not a reason to find someone to step into the shoes of those two particular players.

As far as Robert Tonyan is concerned, he is a fine tight end who may have actually been the product of Rodgers' quarterback play. It would have been incredibly risky and maybe even foolish to go out of their way to pay a 29-year-old tight end with only 137 receptions in five seasons.

Things could be rough in Green Bay this season and maybe even ugly at times. But that is not a reason to classify the Packers' rebuild as failure yet. There is not much definitive information on a lot of Green Bay's younger players due to having to placate Rodgers in his final years as a Packer.

Green Bay is still navigating the fallout of Rodgers' departure and going through something like that is tough for any franchise -- just ask New England in the post-Tom Brady era. A much better idea of where the Packers are in their rebuild process will come as the season goes on.

But as things stand, calling their rebuild a failure is a bit premature. This is a season meant to reset the franchise for better or for worse. Going all out and hastily spending money is exactly how teams stay irrelevant forever and that is certainly not the goal in Green Bay.

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