5 Packers we already know will (probably) be gone in 2024

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers
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2. AJ Dillon

Aaron Jones' absence gave AJ Dillon the perfect opportunity to make a case for a new contract. Dillon is a free agent next offseason, but unless he improves his performances in the coming weeks, there's no way he'll be back in 2024.

Dillon hasn't become the player the Packers believed he could. Dillon showed potential as a rookie and backed it up with an 803-yard, five-touchdown year in 2021. But Dillon's numbers have declined ever since, and he has only 118 rushing yards without a touchdown in the opening four contests this season.

Entering the league, analysts compared Dillon to Derrick Henry due to his power and ability to break tackles. The idea was that Dillon would wear down defenses, fight for extra yards, and consistently move the chains in short-yardage situations. That would tire defenses, who would then have to face the explosiveness of Aaron Jones.

But we haven't seen that enough from Dillon, especially this season. He rarely beats the first defender and is averaging a career-low 2.7 yards per carry. Dillon goes down at the first attempt far too often. Unless he gets back to his 2021 best, and soon, it's highly unlikely he will be back in 2024.