5 Packers we already know will (probably) be gone in 2024

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1. David Bakhtiari

David Bakhtiari's awful injury luck in recent years is heartbreaking. He rarely missed time before suffering a career-changing knee injury in December 2020. Bakhtiari made five straight All-Pro teams but has played only 13 games over the past three seasons.

He played in this year's opener against the Chicago Bears but has missed every game since. Bakhtiari confirmed this week that he needs another surgery and will miss the remainder of the season, aiming to return in time for training camp.

It would be amazing to watch Bakhtiari dominating in the green and gold again next season, but his upcoming cap hit is a problem. The 2024 season is the last of Bakhtiari's deal, and his cap hit jumps up to $40.58 million.

The Packers may have no choice but to move on from their superstar left tackle in the offseason, a move that would save $21.5 million.

Green Bay has restructured his deal in recent years, pushing money further down the line. But next season is the last of Bakhtiari's deal, which is why his cap hit rises so dramatically.

Bakhtiari is an all-time Packers great -- a phenomenal left tackle who would've added more All-Pros to the five he already has if it weren't for injuries. He is an even better person off the field. However, the sad reality is that Bakhtiari may have played his final snap for the Packers.

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