3 Green Bay Packers on the hot seat entering Week 16

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2. De'Vondre Campbell

What's next for De'Vondre Campbell?

The Packers have already ruled him out of their game against the Carolina Panthers in Week 16. The timing is interesting. This week, he wrote on social media that he isn't "going out my way anymore and I'm not playing through injuries anymore."

Campbell would've been on the hot seat had he been available against the Panthers. He struggled last week against the Buccaneers, often having to cover wide receiver Chris Godwin. It's not all his fault, of course. Defensive coordinator Joe Barry never should have put Campbell in that position.

But Campbell's recent comments raise questions about his Packers future. He won't play this week, but what about in Weeks 17 and 18? If he is healthy, Green Bay will need him in matchups against the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears.

If Campbell remains out for the remainder of the regular season, have the Packers seen enough to bring him back in 2024, or will they consider moving forward with Isaiah McDuffie as the starter next to Quay Walker?

Hopefully, Campbell will return for the final two games of the season. He won't have a chance to bounce back from last week's performance when the Packers visit the Panthers on Sunday.