3 Green Bay Packers on the hot seat entering Week 16

Green Bay Packers
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1. Joe Barry

Joe Barry is under pressure, and he knows it.

"I read what you guys write. I hear what you guys say," said Barry. "When we sign up for this, we know that's what we're getting into. That's the thing I love about this league."

According to ESPN's Jeremy Fowler, the "heat is on" Barry, and the Packers' defensive coordinator job is "on the radar of many in the coaching industry."

And understandably so. Green Bay's defense has been a major disappointment for most of the season. Barry's unit has allowed four teams to rush for over 200 yards, and Baker Mayfield just earned a perfect passer rating at Lambeau Field.

The Packers rank 30th against the run. Barry's defenses faced similar problems last season, but he has no answer. Opponents know how to attack his scheme, and it is working far more often than not.

The pressure is truly on this week against the Panthers. It's almost a no-win situation for Barry. Carolina is averaging just 164.9 passing yards and 14.7 points per game, which is among the worst offensive records in football. Rookie quarterback Bryce Young hasn't thrown a touchdown pass since November 19.

Green Bay's defense is expected to dominate this matchup. If Barry can't stop this Panthers offense, he might be as good as gone in the offseason.

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