2024 NFL 4-Round Mock Draft: Packers hit home run with star receiver, fix secondary

Green Bay Packers
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Round 2 (58): Kris Jenkins, DT, Michigan

Unlike in recent drafts, the Packers don't desperately need to upgrade the defensive line. Kenny Clark is playing the best football of his career, T.J. Slaton and Devonte Wyatt are quality starters, and the Packers hit a home run by drafting Karl Brooks in the sixth round last year. They also have fourth-rounder Colby Wooden, who had a solid rookie season.

It's unlikely any of those five linemen will miss out on a 53-man roster spot in 2024. But where the Packers could still do with more help is against the run. Wyatt and Brooks provide plenty of pass rush, but Green Bay needs another run-stuffer.

Enter Michigan's Kris Jenkins.

"Jenkins is a powerful player in the middle of a defense. His run-defense abilities give him a very high floor as a projected pro," writes Trevor Sikkema of Pro Football Focus.

Jenkins can still improve his pass rush—he made 4.5 sacks in his final two seasons at Michigan—but he would immediately contribute on early downs. The Packers have a defense built to stop the pass. Their pass rush can be relentless when they lead games and force opponents to become one-dimensional.

But they need to get into those third-and-long situations to begin with, which starts by stopping the run. Jenkins can help them get there.