3 Packers players who could be replaced after bye week

Green Bay Packers, A.J. Dillon
Green Bay Packers, A.J. Dillon / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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3. Isaiah McDuffie, LB

Since the injury to De'Vondre Campbell, it has been 2021 sixth-round pick Isaiah McDuffie filling in. But, McDuffie has been less than stellar, to put it kindly. McDuffie has not been flat-out bad, necessarily, but the defense needs changes for the better. And, McDuffie has not given them anything spectacular.

In coverage, McDuffie has allowed 10 receptions on 10 targets. That is, for lack of a better explanation, as bad as it gets.

He has been fine against the run, but again, nothing overwhelmingly positive there. At this stage, if Campbell isn't back soon, the Packers should give the former undrafted free agent Kristian Welch a shot. Welch has been waiting around a long time for the opportunity, and grew up a Packers fan, so why not make the guy's dream come true?

The worst that could happen, at this point, is for Welch not to perform up to snuff. From there, McDuffie gets a second chance and hopefully won't be the reason Green Bay loses any more games.

Obviously, the best-case scenario would be for Campbell to come back. That would solve the problem, altogether.