5 Packers players who will be gone in 2024 and their potential replacements

The Packers should be headed for more of a rebuild, so let's start looking ahead.
Green Bay Packers, AJ Dillon
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3. Jon Runyan, Guard

Another player whose contract is up after this season is veteran guard Jon Runyan. The 2020 sixth-round pick has been a starter for the Packers since 2021, but his time in Green Bay is coming to an end. Runyan has struggled mightily in the run blocking department, and for a quarterback like Jordan Love, he needs a consistent run game in order to continue developing.

Runyan simply hasn't been good in that area, but he's also not been perfect in pass blocking. It should be relatively easy for the Packers to move on, and maybe they'll do so with another Michigan alum.

Potential Replacement: Zak Zinter, Michigan

A potential late Day 2 pick, MIchigan guard Zak Zinter looks every bit of an NFL starter in the making. The Wolverine stands 6-foot-5, 322 pounds and comes packed with long-term potential. Zinter has been reliable and durable over his career at Michigan, and that's something the Packers desperately need up front. For a line that's struggled with injuries in recent years, Zinter would be a breath of fresh air.

Zinter is a powerful blocker with a strong anchor, but he's also very smart. He's been lauded as a leader in his locker room and someone you love lining up next to. He would be a welcomed addition in Green Bay.