5 Packers players who will be gone in 2024 and their potential replacements

The Packers should be headed for more of a rebuild, so let's start looking ahead.
Green Bay Packers, AJ Dillon
Green Bay Packers, AJ Dillon / John Fisher/GettyImages
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5. Preston Smith, Edge Rusher

This is the big one. The Packers have Preston Smith under contract for the next three seasons. However, they could use the cap space in the future and would benefit by cutting him in 2024. The team only saves $2.5 million next year, but then he is off the books going forward. Smith is 31 years old and doesn't necessarily fit the team's plan to rebuild.

Although he's been a key part of the defense for the last four-plus years, it is time to cut ties. Whether it's by releasing him or trading him remains to be seen. But, the Packers should move on.

Potential Replacement: Dallas Turner, Alabama

If Green Bay went pass rusher in the first round, they could definitely find a home run with Alabama star Dallas Turner. At 6-foot-4 and roughly 245 pounds, Turner has a little room to add some weight. But, his length and explosiveness are where he wins. Especially right off the line of scrimmage, Turner is absolutely electric.