5 players who could make Green Bay Packers unstoppable

Green Bay Packers v Atlanta Falcons
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1. Jordan Love

Jordan Love has made an excellent start as the new QB1 in Green Bay. Not only has he thrown an NFL-best six touchdown passes, but he also hasn't turned the ball over.

There's room for improvement, of course. Love hasn't been perfect. He has missed some opportunities, particularly in the fourth quarter last week, and needs to improve his completion percentage. But Love made only his second and third career starts in the opening two weeks. He hasn't started a game at Lambeau Field yet.

Love's performances will ultimately determine how far this team can go. If he struggles to reach the next level, the Packers' ceiling will have a limit. They could become a good team, but unlikely a great one. However, if Love reaches his potential -- and the early signs are promising -- the sky is the limit.

Things fell apart for the Packers on both sides of the ball in the fourth quarter last week, but Love had looked comfortable in the seven quarters of football before that. His decision-making and accuracy have been excellent, and Love has even made some passes straight out of the Aaron Rodgers textbook.

Love has performed well despite missing key starters like Christian Watson and relying on rookies and second-year players. He, too, hasn't played much in the regular season. But with each rep, this entire offense takes a step forward.

And if Love reaches his potential, Green Bay will become tough to beat.

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