3 realistic trades that would make the Packers unstoppable

Could the Packers make a move or two in order to further their chances in the NFC?
Green Bay Packers, Antonio Gibson
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Trade Number 3: The Packers land a stable threat in the passing game

Finally, the Packers could look at making a deal with the Arizona Cardinals in order to land a stable threat in their passing game. Through three games, Green Bay has yet to have a receiver emerge as a true WR1. The hope was that Christian Watson could do so, but he has not been quite healthy just yet.

Christian Watson trade

The Cardinals are a team that, despite the fact they've played competitively through three games, are going to be in the running for a top-5 pick in next year's draft. Arizona traded for Marquise "Hollywood" Brown before the 2022 NFL Draft, landing a third-round pick as well, in exchange for their first rounder.

But, for a team that is looking at a rebuild and a receiver in the last year of his contract, this deal makes a lot of sense for Arizona. The Packers, meanwhile, could lock up Brown for the foreseeable future with an extension. Then, they wouldn't have to worry about paying another wideout for at least another year or two.

If Watson comes back healthy, finally, and pans out as a legitimate WR2 or even rivals Brown as the team's WR1, that is best-case scenario for this Green Bay offense. Romeo Doubs would be one of the best third options in the league and the Packers could continue bringing along Jayden Reed. Brown could be one to take the top off of defenses, too, allowing the Packers to use Watson creatively and give Doubs the opportunity to be the team's possession guy.