4 massive trades the Packers can make going into bye week

The Packers should start making calls for some help on offense
Green Bay Packers, Kyle Pitts
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4. Maybe a call about Kyle Pitts is in order

Through five weeks, the Atlanta Falcons have been quite a puzzling football team. Now, most of the questions have come because of the play from quarterback Desmond Ridder. A week ago, I was ready to throw in the towel on Ridder. He did not look like a starting NFL quarterback. In fact, he still might not be.

But, for a couple of years now, the big question in Atlanta is why the team refuses to use tight end Kyle Pitts more often. This year, the Falcons have gotten backup tight end Jonnu Smith more involved than anyone would have thought, and Pitts continues to sit on the back burner.

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At the very least, the Packers should call about Pitts' availability. If the Falcons truly don't want to use him more than they are right now, then what's the point of keeping his tremendous talent locked down? Why not get something in return if Pitts doesn't necessarily fit what Atlanta wants to do?

This situation reminds me of another one, years ago, familiar to NFC North fans. The Chicago Bears once thought they couldn't use Greg Olsen, so they traded him to Carolina, and the rest was history.

Sure, the Packers drafted Luke Musgrave in the second round this year. But, Pitts' talent is absurd. He is a unicorn. He's a wide receiver trapped in a tight end's body. This is a move you make if it's available to you.