Packers Rumors: 4 NFC North trades that need to happen before the deadline

Could the NFC North shake things up before the October 31 trade deadline?
Green Bay Packers, Danielle Hunter
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Trade Number 2: The Lions make a trade for Danielle Hunter

Last year, we saw the Vikings and Lions make a deal within the division when Detroit sent tight end T.J. Hockenson to Minnesota in a somewhat surprising move. That deal has since worked out for both teams, with Hockenson being a big part of the Vikings' offense and the Lions finding his replacement in young, up-and-coming tight end Sam LaPorta in this year's draft.

How about another NFC North inter-division trade? The Lions could use a little help when it comes to rushing the passer, with 15 sacks on the year as a team. The Vikings, meanwhile, are probably going to look to sell a few pieces like we've already established. With Danielle Hunter in the final year of his contract, look for his name to be a hot commodity.

Hunter trade

In this trade, the Lions land Hunter to pair with Aidan Hutchins -- and that could get real, real scary in a hurry for opposing offenses.

Detroit gets Hunter and a fifth-round pick from Minnesota, while the Vikings get edge rusher Julian Okwara and a third rounder in next year's draft. All in all, this is a victory for both sides. The Lions are truly going all-in on this year, and Hunter could be that missing piece to bring this defense to even bigger heights.