Packers Rumors: 4 NFC North trades that need to happen before the deadline

Could the NFC North shake things up before the October 31 trade deadline?
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Trade Number 3: The Bears send Yannick Ngakoue to the Texans

Let's talk about the Bears, shall we? While Chicago fans make it a point to enjoy the Aaron Rodgers-less Packers and let the fan base know how much joy it brings them to see Green Bay struggle, the Bears are still in a much worse position at just 1-5 on the year.

That's why the Bears could once again be sellers at this year's deadline, just like they were a year ago when they traded Roquan Smith (whoops) and Robert Quinn.

Just before the start of this season, the Bears signed pass rusher Yannick Ngakoue to become their top guy at the position. So, this would be a nice move for the Bears, essentially getting a free pick in next year's draft for a guy who was only going to be here for a season anyway.

Ngakoue trade

The Texans would send the Bears a fifth-round pick in exchange for Ngakoue, who will dramatically improve their pass rush where they truly only have Will Anderson Jr. as a threat. The Texans are second-to-last in the league with just nine sacks. Funny enough, the Bears are tied with Houston there.

The difference is, Houston looks like they could compete for the division title behind rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud and his fantastic season thus far. The AFC South is open, with the Jaguars pulling ahead slightly. But, with Anthony Richardson out for the year and Ryan Tannehill dealing with injury, the Texans have a lot going for them as far as their chances.