5 Packers players who won't be here by Thanksgiving of 2024

Could these Packers be celebrating Thanksgiving elsewhere next season?
Green Bay Packers, Jordan Love
Green Bay Packers, Jordan Love / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages
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5. Jordan Love

Speaking of bold predictions, let's get even more bold. This season, Jordan Love has been far worse than Packers fans would have hoped for. As a guy taking over for Aaron Rodgers, I'm not sure the expectations on his shoulders should have been all that great in the first place. But, fans had become used to elite quarterback play, and they aren't getting it out of Love.

We're over halfway through the season, and Love still struggles to complete passes. He struggles with his accuracy, especially if he's throwing beyond the sticks. Love is still toward the bottom of the league in completion percentage and average yards per pass attempt, and the Packers need to start thinking long and hard about next season.

Love isn't the guy. He has had plenty of time to develop, sit and learn, and it's been pretty apparent that he is not going to become the next great Packers quarterback. If the Packers moved on next year, they're only absorbing $12 million in dead cap. That's nothing compared to other quarterback contracts around the league.

Could Green Bay find a trade partner? Maybe. Otherwise, it's time to cut ties and start over. Love isn't the answer.