How much will Jordan Love make in 2024 (and when can Packers sign him to extension)?

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Signing Jordan Love to a contract extension is on the Green Bay Packers' offseason to-do list.

Love has one year remaining on his current contract, but we can forget about that. His breakout season has earned him a significant multi-year extension in the near future.

"I think that'll be important for our football team to have some stability there," Packers GM Brian Gutekunst said in January. "Jordan and his representation, they're really good people, so we will start towards that sometime in the next couple of months."

The Packers wanted to see enough from Love to give them confidence in his ability to lead the team into the future. Love exceeded even the most optimistic of expectations, throwing for 4,159 yards, 32 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions in his first season as a starter.

Love led Green Bay to a 6-2 record down the stretch, throwing 18 touchdowns with only one interception during that run.

When can the Packers sign Love to an extension, and what will he make?

When can the Packers sign Jordan Love to an extension?

A new deal isn't imminent, but it will happen this offseason. According to ESPN's Rob Demovsky, the Packers and Love can't agree to a contract extension until after May 3.

Per Demovsky, contracts can't be extended more than once within a year. Last offseason, Green Bay signed Love to a one-year extension instead of picking up his fifth-year option.

But that's no problem for Love and the Packers. There's no rush to get the deal done, and they can take their time to negotiate the details in the months ahead.

It won't be surprising if a new deal is agreed shortly after that date. The Packers won't want negotiations to drag out into training camp. The last thing they need is the distraction of Love entering a contract year throughout the summer.

Expect a deal to be sorted sooner rather than later once we get beyond May 3.

How much will Jordan Love make on new deal?

After reaching an MVP level in the second half of the 2023 season, Love is going to get paid. ESPN's Adam Schefter believes he will become one of the league's highest-paid quarterbacks.

What the exact details look like remains to be seen. However, we can assume Love and his team will use Daniel Jones' massive contract extension as a starting point. Last offseason, Jones signed a four-year deal worth $160 million, averaging $40 million per year. His average salary ranks 10th among quarterbacks in the NFL.

Love's new deal should hit that mark and potentially even higher. It won't be surprising if he hits somewhere in the $45-50 million per year range, easily making Love one of the highest-paid QBs in football.

Another factor to consider is the upcoming quarterback contracts. Free agents Kirk Cousins and Baker Mayfield will sign new deals before Love, which could impact the Packers' offer.

The details are unclear, but Love will undoubtedly become one of the league's highest-paid quarterbacks.

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