Jordan Love and 4 other Packers playing for their jobs in 2023

Green Bay Packers Offseason Workout
Green Bay Packers Offseason Workout / Stacy Revere/GettyImages
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3. AJ Dillon

AJ Dillon is coming off another good, but not great season for the Packers.

He put up 770 rushing yards on 186 attempts last season at a healthy average of 4.1, and his seven rushing touchdowns set a new career high. However, he hasn't become the consistent game-changing running back the Packers hoped he would.

"I think that he's the type of person, at least from what he's shown me, that he's going to respond to that challenge and come out and have a much more productive year," said Packers running backs coach Ben Sirmans, according to

"And you saw a lot of great things in spurts, but that was just the problem, it was just in spurts. It wasn't consistent, and that's what our goal is."

Dillon is entering a contract year. Next offseason, the Packers must decide whether to offer him a long-term extension or look elsewhere at running back. Dillon is a fan favorite, but he needs to take his game to another level this season.

The Packers have completely changed their wide receiver corps over the past two offseasons. It won't be surprising if they do the same at running back by moving on from Dillon and Aaron Jones in 2024.

Dillon can avoid that by having a great season.