Jordan Love opens up about frustration as Packers backup QB

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears
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Jordan Love has opened up about the challenges of spending three seasons as the Green Bay Packers' backup quarterback.

Much like the man he is replacing, Jordan Love had to spend three long years as the backup quarterback in Green Bay.

Finally, he gets his opportunity this season after the Packers' former QB1, a future Hall-of-Famer, was traded to the New York Jets. Sound familiar?

Love spoke to reporters this week for the first time as the Packers' new starting quarterback. He made a good impression, showing confidence in his own abilities but remaining calm, relaxed, and comfortable in the role.

Inevitably, Love was asked about Rodgers' departure and the challenges of spending three years on the bench.

"It seemed like three years, it seemed like a while looking back on it," said Love.

"Yeah I mean, it's hard. When I got drafted here, I knew exactly what situation I was being put in, who I was being behind. So I knew it was going to come with time. I was going to come in and learn and grow."

When Love was drafted, the assumption was it placed a countdown clock on Rodgers' time remaining in Green Bay. However, Rodgers threw a curveball to those plans by winning consecutive MVPs in the 2020 and 2021 seasons.

It left the Packers in a difficult position and Love in an awkward one.

"I'll admit, I think the hardest time was when he re-signed the contract last year," Love said. "It was kind of like, where do we go from here? What do I do?"

What Love did was make the most of his opportunities, notably his memorable fourth-quarter performance in Philadelphia. Coming off the bench to replace an injured Rodgers, Love made it look easy against an excellent Eagles defense.

Love completed six of nine passes for 113 yards and a touchdown, giving him a passer rating of 146.8.

It was a performance that drew comparisons to Rodgers when he replaced an injured Brett Favre against the Dallas Cowboys in 2007.

Packers: Jordan Love discusses what he learned from Aaron Rodgers

As frustrating as it may have been at times for Love, spending three seasons behind a Hall-of-Famer isn't such a bad thing. Love wasn't ready to start at the beginning of his career.

In Green Bay, he got to develop and learn, something that will serve him well as he embarks on his own journey as the Packers' QB1.

"I was just able to watch a great quarterback. How he works every day, how he handles business in the locker room, interacts with teammates," Love said.

"Just being able to sit back as a quarterback and observe him. Observe his footwork, how the ball comes out of his hands, how he practices every day and then takes that into the game."

Love's performance in Philadelphia highlighted that. He made some throws Rodgers would've been proud of.

Now, he gets his opportunity. Three years is a long time, as Love said, but his moment has arrived. He can now take what he has learned and work towards becoming the Packers' long-term starting quarterback.