Jordan Love could see extensive playing time in Packers preseason

Extensive preseason action for Jordan Love presents tough risk-reward balance for Packers.
Green Bay Packers Offseason Workout
Green Bay Packers Offseason Workout / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

The Green Bay Packers could be going down a path that is considered far from ideal as far as preseason playing time is concerned.

Head coach Matt LaFleur stated during a media session that Jordan Love could potentially see extensive game action, per ESPN's Rob Demovsky. This is opposite to the approach that most teams take when it comes to the quarterback position. Usually teams prefer to have their starting quarterback play as little as possble, but for a team like Green Bay this approach is necessary.

Love is entering his third year in the NFL and has all of 157 offensive snaps to his name. That is not nearly enough live game action to get noteworthy information. Playing a higher level of snaps in the preseason does give more information to work from when it comes to the evaluation of their hopeful franchise quarterback. There is also another area where this helps. Building chemistry.

Playing Jordan Love in preseason presents risk-reward conundrum for Packers

Love has only played a small amount of snaps in the NFL. This limits building the much needed chemistry between a quarterback and his targets in the passing game.

Getting together with teammates in California and practicing against your own defense can only do so much. There is a limit to how much chemistry that can be built in controlled situations such as this. Additionally, there is no substitute to seeing how players perform in an actual game against an opponent.

While this approach can help everyone involved, it is not without risk. Teams usually keep their most important players off the field in preseason and this approach is the complete opposite. This is to prevent unnecessary hits and injuries that otherwise would not happen.

If Love were to suffer a major injury it would put the Packers in an unenviable position considering how much hinges on this season. The Green Bay front office is going to learn a lot about everyone in the organization in 2023 and an injury to Love could severely limit just how much information they take from this season.

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