Jordan Love reveals how Packers drew up Christian Watson TD on the sideline vs. Chargers

Green Bay Packers
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A year ago, Christian Watson's entire rookie season changed on the back of a three-touchdown performance against the Dallas Cowboys. The Green Bay Packers hope his crucial touchdown grab against the Los Angeles Chargers can act as a similar launching pad.

Watson has been under fire from the fanbase after a quiet start to the season, and it took him a while to get going in Week 11. He finished the first half with zero targets and one penalty.

However, the second-year receiver came up with two crucial plays in the second half, including an 11-yard touchdown to give Green Bay the lead in the third quarter. Jordan Love threw a perfect pass into the back corner of the end zone, where Watson made a nice catch. It will do Watson's confidence the world of good.

The play became even more impressive after Love and Matt LaFleur revealed the details behind it.

Packers planned Christian Watson's touchdown vs. Chargers between drives

Watson has received criticism this season, but he made the crucial play. LaFleur and his coaching staff have also taken a lot of heat, but they are the big winners after this touchdown.

Love revealed in his postgame press conference that LaFleur drew up the play on the sideline during the game.

"That touchdown was actually on a play that I think Matt [LaFleur] drew up on the sideline after seeing a look that we had previously, something that wasn't even really in the game plan," said Love. "Kudos to Christian for going out and executing it to perfection."

That's what makes LaFleur a great offensive mind. With the help of tight ends coach John Dunn, he recognized an opportunity to make an adjustment for a big play. And it worked beautifully.

"I've got to give John Dunn all the credit in the world for that," said LaFleur. "There was a play earlier in that drive. You always look at the pictures, and we saw something there. He suggested a play, and we called it and hit the coverage. Those guys went out there and executed."

Hopefully, this can be the turning point in Watson's season. He came up with a crucial play in a Packers win. Last season, the Dallas Cowboys game kickstarted Watson's unbelievable finish to the year. Maybe this will do the same.

The Packers got the job done against a talented Chargers team on Sunday. More important than just the win was the offensive performance. This young team is learning how to win, and this victory will give them confidence.

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