Justin Jefferson disrespects Packers CB Jaire Alexander and it is embarrassing

Justin Jefferson still isn't over his trip to Jaire Island last season.
Green Bay Packers cornerback Jaire Alexander
Green Bay Packers cornerback Jaire Alexander / Tork Mason-USA TODAY Sports

Justin Jefferson is still reeling from the Minnesota Vikings' humiliating defeat to the Green Bay Packers last season.

Star cornerback Jaire Alexander shut down Jefferson all evening long, leading the Packers to a crushing 41-17 victory at Lambeau Field.

The Packers had Alexander follow Jefferson throughout the game, something they didn't do in the season opener. And it led to dominant results, with Jefferson making zero catches in Jaire's coverage.

Jefferson apparently isn't over the game yet, and he went on an embarrassing rant about Alexander.

Justin Jefferson rewrites history in embarrassing rant about Packers CB Jaire Alexander

Alexander knows how to get in Jefferson's head. He famously called Jefferson's 184-yard, two-touchdown performance against Green Bay in Week 1 a "fluke."

Jefferson went on a rant about Alexander in a recent interview with Zach Aldridge of CBS Sports. Here's the quote (h/t Sports Illustrated):

"It's just him talking. Nobody's really worried about him," Jefferson said. "I didn't even play the whole game. But you can't call a 180-yarder a fluke, that's something that's not a fluke. You just can't walk up on 180 yards in the NFL, especially being one of the top players. They played totally different the second time. They did not even play man the second time at all. So that statement of him playing man and beating me up all game is very not true and if you see the film you can see it."

OK, let's break that down.

Jefferson is right to say his Week 1 performance wasn't a fluke. It was a dominant day from the Vikings' star receiver. But he also can't discredit how Alexander and the Packers adjusted to the second game.

Again, he's right to say he didn't "play the whole game," but he still featured on 79% of the snaps. The reason he was taken out of the game was because the Packers had a huge lead, in part because Alexander shut down Jefferson.

But Jefferson is wrong to discredit Alexander's role. There's no doubt that the Packers' All-Pro corner had his way against Jefferson.

The Draft Network's Jack McKessy broke it down following the game.

McKessy wrote: "Well as it turned out, one of the Packers' biggest keys to shutting down the dynamic pass-catcher was keeping their elite pass defender on top of him. In Week 1, when Jefferson tore up Green Bay's secondary, Alexander lined up against Jefferson on only 36 percent of his routes. None of his catches came when Alexander was in coverage. On Sunday, Alexander followed Jefferson on 65% of his routes, and the receiver's sole catch came after the cornerback passed him off in zone coverage."

Jefferson couldn't handle Alexander's physicality. He constantly jammed Jefferson, even knocking him off balance. It meant Jefferson couldn't smoothly get into his route.

Jefferson makes out it was the Packers' all-out plan to stop him rather than excellent play from Alexander. Far from it. When Alexander covered Jefferson, he dominated.

That includes a pass breakup on Jefferson best remembered for Alexander celebrating with the griddy.

Jefferson dominated the Packers' secondary in Week 1 but then couldn't do anything in the rematch. It should make for another fascinating battle when the two teams meet this season.

The Vikings' star may claim "nobody's really worried" about Alexander, but after making zero catches in his coverage last season, he probably should be.

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