Kevin King announces he will miss 2023 season in emotional message to fans (Video)

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions
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Aaron Rodgers won’t be the only Packers player not returning to Green Bay this season.

Former cornerback Kevin King will also likely miss the entire season after suffering an offseason injury while training to return to the league.

King missed all of last season after deciding to take it off for mental health reasons, but it’s an injury to his leg that will almost certainly cost him this upcoming season as well. On Saturday, King revealed that he had torn his Achilles tendon while training to return for this upcoming season.

This now means that King will miss back-to-back seasons.

“A few days later I’m training and running around, boom,” King said, seeming to fight back some emotions. “I knew it. F—ing knew it. I took a step, pop, but nobody was behind me. F—ing tore my Achilles.”

While an official ruling hasn’t been made on how much time he’ll miss, an Achilles tendon tear typically means a player is out for the season based on the recovery time. King tearing it in May could mean he returns later in the season — or for the playoffs — but it’s too early to tell.

Kevin King reveals why he missed 2022 season in emotional message to fans

King made the announcement himself on his YouTube page, while also revealing that his little brother died two days ago.

He mentioned it as something that helped put his injury into perspective.

“Two days ago my little bro passed away. I’m sitting there literally talking to myself like, nobody knows what’s going on, but I’m like damn there’s no way I can sit here and be tripping too much regardless of what the f—k is going on,” King said. “My little bro just lost his life.”

In talking about his struggles, King revealed that he took last season off to help his mental health which had taken a toll after everything that had happened to him over the first handful of years of his career with the Packers.

“After my fifth year with the Packers I was actually pretty healthy. It was a time when I felt pretty good for the first time in a while. My first four years I had surgery after every year so I didn’t have much of a chance to have an offseason,” King said. “They don’t really talk about the wear and tear on you mentally that it does, dealing with injuries.”

King he made it clear though that despite the ups and downs, his time in Green Bay means the world to him and it’s the reason he so badly wants to get back on the field.

”I miss it out there for sure,” King said. “I spent the last five years with the Packers before the year I took off. Spending that with the Packers was some of the best times in my life.”

Check out his whole statement here: