Matt LaFleur sends emotional message to team after Packers beat Chiefs

Green Bay Packers
Green Bay Packers / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages

Matt LaFleur was fired up after the Green Bay Packers' victory over the Kansas City Chiefs.

And who could blame him? His young team has faced adversity this season. They've battled injuries and overcome challenging moments. Entering November, Green Bay had lost four games in a row, and the futures of LaFleur and Jordan Love appeared uncertain.

Not anymore. LaFleur has brilliantly led his team to four victories in five weeks, including memorable wins over the Detroit Lions and Chiefs in back-to-back weeks.

Here come the Packers. They are racing toward a playoff spot against all odds and quickly becoming a team nobody in the NFC will want to meet in January.

Matt LaFleur was fired up after Packers win: 'We're starting to believe'

As LaFleur celebrated beating the Chiefs with his players, he took the time to send them an important message.

"Total f-cking team win right there. Total team win. And you know what's scary? We're starting to believe," said LaFleur.

"It's one game. And we've got to continue to put in that work because that's why we've gotten to where we've gotten," LaFleur added. "We're going out there, and we're playing to f-cking win. We're playing to f-cking win."

The bit that stood out was that they are "starting to believe." He's not wrong. That statement echoes the feelings of the Packers fanbase. It's not just that this team is improving and growing together or even that they're winning. It's how they are winning and the level of opponents they are beating.

Green Bay beat the Chargers, Lions, and Chiefs by a combined score of 79-61. Jordan Love threw eight touchdowns with no interceptions in those games.

LaFleur handed game balls to Love for his three-touchdown display and Keisean Nixon for making a crucial interception. LaFleur wasn't just impressed with Nixon's takeaway but also the discipline to not react when Chiefs running back Isiah Pacheco threw a punch at him. Nixon didn't fight back, which would've resulted in offsetting penalties and likely got him ejected.

"This other guy came up with the ball. He had multiple returns. And do you know what I'm most impressed by? Somebody threw a punch at ya, and you didn't f-cking respond," said LaFleur.

It was an incredible Packers win, and LaFleur sent the perfect message to his team after the game. He made sure to celebrate, praise the players, and give them confidence, but he also stressed the importance of taking it day by day.

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